The full moon viewing


O-tsukimi – The moon ViewingViewing a moon on August 15th in the old calendar is called O-tsukimi. A full moon on the day itself is called Chushu-no-Meigetsu or Jugo-ya. It is regarded as the most beautiful moon in a year. The custom was brought to Japan during Heian period from Tang China. At that time, it was only celebrated among the aristocracy, but it was gradually spread to Samurai and people. It was also called the Imo-Meigetsu(sweet potato full moon) since it was the harvest season of sweet potatos.On the day of Jugo-ya, dumplings, taros and sacred sake are offered, and papmas grasses are displayed. The moon Viewing events are hold. As of new calendar, Jugo-ya doesn’t occur on the same day every year. This year it falls on September 8th.

by connection-eigo | 2014-09-08 23:47