Christmas in Britain ⑤

Christmas Trees
Most houses in Britain will have a tree of some sort or other which they will decorate and will place the presents under. The traditional Christmas tree is a fir tree but now-a-days more people buy artificial trees.

The Christmas tree became popular in England in 1841 when Queen Victoria's husband, Prince Albert, brought a Christmas tree over from Germany and put it in Windsor Castle.
The Royal couple were illustrated in a newspaper standing around the Christmas tree with their children, and the tradition of decorating a tree became fashionable.

During the Victorian times, Christmas trees were decorated with candles to remind children of the stars in the sky at the time of the birth of Jesus. Using candles was, of course, a great fire hazard. Today candles have been replaced by little coloured electric lights.

Christmas trees were also decorated with sweets and cakes hung with ribbon. In 1880, Woolworths first sold manufactured Christmas tree ornaments which became very popular.

Today, Christmas trees are decorated with tinsel, lights and small ornaments which hang from the branches.

Why Christmas trees are decorated?
Long time ago people used to decorate trees outside each winter. When the trees had lost their leaves, it was felt that the spirits living in the trees had abandon them. This made people very worried because they believed that without tree-spirits the trees would not grow leaves ever again. To encourage the tree-spirits to return they dressed the trees with strips of coloured cloth. They hoped by making the trees look beautiful, the spirits would return to live in the trees ready for spring.


クリスマスツリーは1841年に英国において人気になりました。 その当時ヴィクトリア女王の夫である、ドイツ人のアルバート王子はクリスマスツリーをドイツからウインザー城に持ってきたのです。ロイヤルカップルが彼らの子供たちと一緒にクリスマスツリーの周りにたっている挿絵が新聞に載り、クリスマスツリーに飾り付けをするのがファッショナブルになりました。





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